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Hydraulic power pack ICE ROCKET in 5 days!

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ICE ROCKET manufactures industrial hydraulic power packs
and electric control systems

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Hydraulic power unit series IRS
Delivery term from 1 day

 - Power 2,2....18,5 kW
​ - Fluid capacity 6....50 l/min
 - Working pressure 5....30 MPa
 - Direction control valve number: 1.. 6 it
 - Electric actuation
 - Tank volume 45...200 l

 - Other functions:
    1.Capacity atjustment by meens of trottle valve
Automatic work by meens of pressure swicht
    3.Pressure keeping by meens of operated check valve
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Hydraulic power unit by order
delivery term 3-12 weeks

 We produce hydraulic power unit to suit your needs.

 You can send hydraulic sсheme and technical characteristics or describe the machine operation principle.

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About us

   Best regards,

   Maria Ledovskaya
   Ice Rocket ltd

      Diploma hydraulic engineer
      Aerospace faculty
      South Ural State University


Ice Rocket ltd - hydraulic power units and electric control systems manufactory.
We locate in Ekaterinburg city, Russia.

Every power unit is passed the test.
Our engineers help you to choose the best decision for hydraulic system and develop the technical tesk.

In 2016 Ice Rocket became the winner in the Federal competition "BUSINESS-SUCCESS" in the nomination "BEST PRODUCTION Project" in the Ural region.

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